1968 Military Pay Chart

marine corps recruit depotJune 11, 1968, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Executive Order 11414. The E.O. adjusted the charges of month-to-month fundamental pay for the uniformed members of the Armed Forces upward by 6.9%.

The United States navy pay scales beneath turned efficient on July 1, 1968 and continued to be in impact till June 30, 1969. It is the essential pay quantities for the energetic parts of the Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard.

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An fascinating tidbit from the identical yr; earlier in 1968, on January 2, because the Vietnam War was actually beginning to escalate, and Public Law 90-235 was authorized. In the regulation states, “The Secretary concerned shall conduct intensive recruiting campaigns to obtain enlistments in the Regular Army, Regular Navy, Regular Air Force, Regular Marine Corps, and Regular Coast Guard.” The regulation additionally states to this present day as a part of 10 U.S.C. §504, “No person who is insane, intoxicated, or a deserter from an armed force, or who has been convicted of a felony, may be enlisted in any armed force. However, the Secretary concerned may authorize exceptions, in meritorious cases, for the enlistment of deserters and persons convicted of felonies.”

The pay charges are month-to-month, US greenback.

1968 Enlisted Basic Military Pay Chart

1968 Officer Basic Military Pay Chart

See Note 1

NOTE 1. Pay Grades O-9, O-10 and Fleet Admiral(O-10) acquired an extra “Personal Money Allowance” of $41.67, $183.33 and $333.33, respectively. While in Pay Grade O-9, serving as a member of the United Nations, the Personal Money Allowance of $225.00 was approved. The Chief of Naval Operations pay stays $2807.10, no matter time in service.

The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy’s fundamental pay is $904.20 no matter cumulative years of service.

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E pay scale is Enlisted, W scale is Warrant Officer, O scale is Commissioned Officer. Effective July 1, 1968 by means of June 30, 1969.

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1968 Basic Military Pay Chart for the energetic obligation personnel of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

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