Alcoholism In The US Military

Marine Corps ClothingSince its inception the US military has had a very long plus storied association with alcohol consumption plus alcoholism. In Colonial times alcoholic beverages was considered safer than drinking water and was regarded as an essential portion of daily life for soldiers and mariners – including for recreational reasons. Today’s servicemen and servicewomen consume alcohol regularly for many reasons – yet primarily because on long deployments there is little else to do — especially while separated from close friends, family and loved ones. And because the tensions of battle and military lifestyle can be immense, many soldiers ultimately develop alcoholism as they self-medicate

The feeling so often expressed by each those who have served in the Armed Forces and those who have not is that in case a soldier is old enough awesome his country, then he should be aged enough to drink. This was very true during the bloodiest battle in American history – the Civil War. During the war alcohol had been often used to treat wounds, dullness, loneliness, depression and a variety of some other ailments. But because of the intense dealing with and catastrophic loss of life through foot soldiers, many continued to imbibe long after the war and grew to become severe, lifelong alcoholics. This integrated one of the greatest military minds of all time based on History Net. com – Ulysses S. Grant, who was a recognized and troublesome alcoholic that was as soon as booted from the military for their alcohol-induced antics.

Alcoholism similar to that experienced by soldiers in the Civil War was also seen in men and women who offered in Vietnam and Iraq. The terrors and battle stress related to wars led many to drink to be able to cope with the psychological damage brought on by this physical, mental and psychological trauma. And because of the toughness plus grit required to be a soldier, a substantial number of these individuals did not seek therapy until long after being discharged through military service in order to avoid being viewed as “weak: in the eyes of their other soldiers and risking trouble using their superiors.

The propensity for those providing in the Armed Forces to drink is usually significantly higher than that of civilians. In fact, the National Institute upon Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism mentioned that: “The prevalence of heavy alcohol use among young military personnel differs markedly from that of civilians in the same age group . . . Of the young men in all branches of the military, 32.2 percent engaged in heavy drinking, compared with 17.8 percent of civilian men. Women serving in the Navy and the Marine Corps had significantly higher rates (11.5 percent and 12.9 percent, respectively) than civilian women (5.5 percent) . . .” This means that stuff yourself drinking and alcoholism are much more prevalent than in certain high-risk groupings including college students, the homeless, plus law enforcement.

The US military’s issue with alcohol is so significant that whole section of the UCMJ or Uniform Code of Military Justice focus on dealing with alcohol related offenses, which includes Articles 111 and 112, which usually deal with drunken operation of Department of Defense equipment and becoming drunk on duty, respectively. Penalties for the and other offenses are severe in order to prevent embarrassment for the United States in the event that soldiers or sailors misbehave while drinking in foreign countries.

Because alcohol abuse and alcoholism within the US military is such a significant issue with drastic consequences, it’s critical to achieve out for help if you or a serviceperson you know is struggling with an alcoholic beverages problem. And because most twigs offer alcohol treatment programs included in federal employee insurance programs, you will find generally few penalties and small cost for a military person to obtain help.

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