Computer Forensics In Military Intelligence

life in the marinesHave you ever played that will game called Archives Stratego, It’s a lot more fun than checkers, rather than as mind taxing as mentally stimulating games, and it’s simpler than RISK, however the object of the game is to catch your enemy’s flag and you earn. In the real world if you can capture your own enemy’s computer, and decipher the particular cryptonics then you can win. The additional day I was talking to an on military intelligence officer, who remained in the military after the Vietnam War and retired within a ten years, yet has followed things closely actually sense.

We got on the subject of the treasure trove of cleverness captured from Osama bin Laden’s million dollar compound in Pakistan. Yes, going in and getting Osama bin Laden personally using special forces paid back didn’t it, Now then, it is rather possible we could have blasted your pet very easily with hellfire missiles from the drone, one after another till the compound was completely pulverized. Perhaps we could’ve sent in a Stealth fighter aircraft and put a 500 pound J-Dam on top of the substance.

However, collecting all that military cleverness was a great find. And it had been noted that the amount of data gathered was that of a small community-college collection, wow, that’s a lot of information to undergo. And the media explained that individuals had our intelligence people dealing with it, and I was talking to the acquaintance about this at Starbucks, and said yes, but how much from it is pornography, as it was also documented that Osama bin Laden a new rather sizable stash of pornographic material.

Many might be surprised with this, but it is quite common in that area of the world, even for a guy who claims he is a sincere religious fellow. My acquaintance stated that they were sure to get more volunteers to undergo all the intelligence after making the particular statement that much of it was porn material. Indeed, I laughed, but it will be my guess that the best tactic continuing to move forward would be to take all the kids in the Quantico, Virginia in FBI Academy, at US Marine Corps bottom, and at the CIA up the street, along with all the kids in Annapolis studying naval intelligence and separate them up into teams, to undergo it all.

The amount of information gathered, and deciphered, would tell us every thing we need to know about the method of procedures within the Al Qaeda organization, and maybe the names of individuals in the hierarchy from the Taliban and other groups. In truth, the computer forensics from this military cleverness find with all those hard drives, plus CD ROMs of data has place America back in the winner’s circle within the war on terror. Please think about all this and think on it.

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