Helicopter Pilot Careers In The US Marine Corps

Navy SealsMarine helicopter pilots have the excellence of flying a number of the oldest and a number of the latest helicopters within the US stock. A profession as a Marine helicopter pilot presents pleasure, problem, and journey. The Marines function a wide range of totally different helicopters every performing its personal particular mission.

The AH-1Z Cobra is an assault helicopter whose lineage could be traced again to Vietnam. The Cobra can carry an assortment of ammunition together with however not restricted to machine weapons, cannons, rockets, air to floor missiles and air to air missiles. The cobra carries out a lot of totally different features. It helps marines on the bottom. It assaults enemy armor, troops, and fortified positions. It additionally escorts different helicopters into touchdown zones the place hostile fireplace is anticipated. Because of its skinny profile the cobra could be very tough to focus on by gunners on the bottom. The Cobra has a crew of two pilots.

The UH-1 Huey is one other helicopter that may not solely hint is lineage again to Vietnam however was made well-known by Vietnam. The Huey is used for utility missions. That’s the whole lot from ferrying troops and cargo to transporting VIPs. The Huey has a crew of three, two pilots and a crew chief.

Next is the CH-46 Sea Knight. The Sea Knight is a medium elevate, tandem rotor (one rotor behind the opposite) helicopter. The Sea Knight is primarily an assault helicopter. It can function in day or night time beneath all climate circumstances. The Sea Knight additionally has a secondary cargo carrying capability. The Sea Knight’s crew consists of two pilots, a crew chief and an aerial observer/gunner. The most pace of the Sea Knight is 165 mph and it has a fight radius of 184mi.

The CH-53E is subsequent and it is the biggest helicopter within the US stock. The CH-53E is nicknamed the Super Sea Stallion. The CH-53 is used primarily for heavy elevate. It’s capable of elevate the LAV 25 Light Armored Fighting Vehicle, the M198 155mm Howitzer and it is ready to recuperate each plane within the Marine stock except for the KC-130. Even although it is major job is heavy elevate the CH-53 can also be used for assault missions. The CH-53 crew consists of two pilots, a crew chief/proper gunner, a left gunner, and a tail gunner. It’s capable of carry a most of 55 troops. Its most pace is 180 mph and its vary is 610 nm.

The final helicopter within the Marine stock is not actually a helicopter in any respect. Technically it is known as a tilt-rotor. It’s the MV-22 Osprey. It’s formally referred to as a powered elevate automobile, which suggests it could take off, and land vertically however behaves otherwise from a helicopter in horizontal flight. It combines the vertical touchdown capabilities of a helicopter with the pace of a hard and fast wing turboprop airplane. This plane will revolutnize marine amphibious operations by giving the marines a platform that may take off from a ship like a helicopter, sprint to its goal at over 300 mph and as soon as there land vertically. The crew consists of two pilots, and a crew chief. The Osprey can carry a most of 32 troops or 10,000 kilos of cargo. The MV-22 has a most pace of 320 mph and a fight radius of just about 400 miles.

The Marine Corps motto is semper fidelis which means at all times trustworthy. The Corps and its pilots have faithfully and honorably served this nation.

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