History Of United States Military Awards

marines military bootcampThe Civil War noticed the primary United States army decorations. The Navy Medal of Honor arose from a public decision signed into regulation by President Lincoln on 21 December 1861. It licensed the preparation of 200 medals of honor to advertise the effectivity of the Navy. It was adopted by a joint decision of Congress on the identical day which accepted the design and outlined requirement eligibility of the potential recipients. The Army Medal of Honor was established by a joint decision of Congress, July 12, 1862 with an efficient date; of April 15, 1861. The Medal of Honor was initially solely to be introduced to enlisted males for heroic service within the United States Army. However, because the warfare continued the award of a Medal of Honor was prolonged to incorporate Army officers.

Union Officers started creating unit medals as early as1862 when the officers of General Kearny’s division ordered a gold medal after the General’s dying to commemorate serving underneath his command. The subsequent Division commander ordered a bronze cross for award to enlisted males of the division. Other personal medals have been the Gilmore Medal struck by General Gilmore for his troops round Charleston, SC and the Butler Medal for coloured troops within the Battle of Newmarket Heights in 1864. Most of those have been paid for by the commanders and had restricted use.

Following the Civil War, there was an absolute explosion of veterans commemorative medals, reunion medals and badges. The Grand Army of the Republic reunion medals started to so carefully resemble the Medal of Honor that Congress was finally compelled to vary the Medal of Honor and to patent its new design. (See web page 58 for instance.)

In 1905 President Roosevelt licensed marketing campaign medals retroactive to the Civil War. The Civil War Campaign Medal (Army) was issued for any federal military service between April 15, 1861 an April 9, 1865 (with prolonged service within the state of Texas by means of August 20, 1866). The Navy and Marine Corps have been additionally licensed Civil War Campaign Medals, with every service having a unique design on the reverse of the medal. The authentic Army marketing campaign medal had a purple, white and blue ribbon which was modified in 1913 to match the Navy and Marine Corps Civil War Medal blue and grey ribbon design.

Confederate troopers solely obtained recognition from the palms of the United Daughters of the Confederacy who designed and struck a good-looking Southern Cross of Honor. The design is a Maltese Cross with the battle flag of the Confederate forces on the face, surrounded by a reef of laurel with the inscription, “United Daughters of the Confederacy to the U.C.V.” The reverse of the cross has the Latin motto of the Confederate States’ “Deo Vindice” (God our Vindicator) with the dates 1861-1865. On the 4 arms of the cross are the phrases “Southern Cross of Honor”. Beginning in 1900 roughly 80,000 crosses have been awarded, with the final Cross of Honor introduced posthumously in 1959 to Confederate Rear Admiral and Brigadier General Raphael Semmes.

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