I Can’t Decide If I Should Enlist In The Marines Or Go Straight To College,

u s marines reservesFirst let me congratulate you upon having the foresight to ask that will question now instead of wondering “what if…,”.

I went college after senior high school (about six months afterward). After our enlistment was up, I invested years agonizing over how my entire life might have been different if I choose to go to college first. Now, keep in mind, presently there was/is nothing wrong with my entire life. Far from it. In fact, becoming assigned an MOS of “computer programmer” after bootcamp was probably the individual greatest fortunate event in my lifestyle. I’ve been very gainfully utilized every single day since Febuary 2, 1983 (the day I went to bootcamp). To this day I (along along with anyone worth a darn within the IT field) am constantly the prospective of job offers offering the particular “bigger better deal”. I eventually did visit college and later graduate college and now have a master of financing degree.

As I said, I agonized for years about not going to university. I no longer agonize over it. I look back at my time in the particular Marine Corps, and while at the time I often couldn’t wait for it to become over, there is no question that the ***BEST*** friends I have in my lifestyle today are my friends from the Corps. We keep in touch via email plus social media and my very nearest friend from the service, we’ve was able to visit each other a half a dozen periods over these nearly 30 years considering that I left the service within 1987.

I now tell individuals I would have liked to have visited college right out of high school, yet I wouldn’t trade my encounters in the Corps for anything. My highlight was a seven month time period living aboard ship in a Marine Amphibious Unit, practicing the expulsion of American embassies.

There is really a consideration you need to make that I didn’t: America is more or much less at war now. We were unable then, though I did nearly end up with the Marines that were assaulted by a suicide bomber in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983 and I spent several months in one of the units associated with survivors. So, that’s one concern.

I think you need to reflect on what exactly is calling you to the military generally and the Corps specifically. Is this a family tradition, Did a determine give a choice between Parris Island or prison,

I think if you possibly could get a good MOS that is useful in the particular civilian workplace, there’s a lot to become said for that. I was employed multiple times over people with computer technology degrees because of my work encounter in the Corps. If you are actually bent on going into the Corps, then you definitely should consider that you can “enter” college any moment and you can do it part time if you wish. The window of opportunity for the Corps is much smaller. It is a young man’s sport.

Finally, there is another fork with this road you did not mention: you can find college and toward the end of your energy there (the summer before your own senior year… I think), you can go to Officer Candidate School plus serve as an officer. The “quality” of your time in the Corps will be significantly higher than as an enlisted man, although the road is much more demanding than those of an enlisted person. Every army officer is more or less certified to be a “manager/supervisor” in the civilian place of work.

So, there it is. I can’t say for sure if this has helped you, or even made things even more confusing. If you have specific questions, feel free to write-up them and I’ll answer to the very best of my ability. Good fortune in whatever road you choose.

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