Marine Corps Air Facility Quantico

benefits of becoming a marineMarine Corps Air Facility Quantico (MCAF Quantico) (ICAO: KNYG, FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION LID: NYG) is a United States Marine Corps airfield established within Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia.

It was demanded in 1919 and is actually dwelling to HMX-1, the squadron that soars the particular President of the United States. The airfield is furthermore renowned since Turner Field, after Colonel Thomas C. Turner, a veteran Marine aviator and the second controller of Marine Corps Aviation, [3] who dropped his life in Haiti within 1931.

Aviation first come to in Quantico in July 1918, whenever two kite balloons were flown to location artillery fire. These forerunners of today’s spotter plane were shortly augmented with the cut of four seaplanes, which functioned through the muddy junction of Chopawamsic Creek and the Potomac River.

In 1919, a rising area was organized out and the land leased to support a squadron coming back from World War I battle in Europe. The facility was subsequent titled Brown Field, oscillating drill push in recollection of 2ndLt Walter V.

Brown, who lost his / her life in an early misfortune too location. The present location had been chosen in 1931, when larger and much quicker planes conveyed reputation of the limitations and hazards associated with Brown Field – its solitary, crosswind runway, compelled by woods, high grounds, swamp, a high tension line and a railroad.

A new airfield was assembled by altering the particular course and flow of Chopawamsic Creek and reclamation of the marshland from that area. The new service was entitled Turner Field.

By 1939, four squadrons � 68 bombers, scout bombers, combatants, delivers, utility and fact planes � were founded at the airfield. On December 1, 1941, the area had been entitled Marine Corps Air Station Quantico, and put under operational order of the Commanding General, Marine Barracks.

In 1947, Marine Helicopter Squadron One was established at Quantico to be able to pioneer an solely new concept in air operation; to assess plus check, in coordination with the Landing Force development Center, the idea of having armies to the assault zone by simply helicopter.

By the close of the Korean battle, helicopters had profited long lasting acceptance by the infantry for trickery and logistical support operations. Effective 15 November 1976, MCAS Quantico was re-designated Wholesale Hair Bows as Marine Corps Air Facility (MCAF), Quantico, Virginia. MCAF Quantico is actually the dwelling of Headquarters Squadron (HqSqn), Marine Helicopter Squadron One (HMX-1), and dwelling to be able to Marine One.

HMX-1, in health supplement to its tactical development aim, soars the President of the United States and presents helicopter assistance for the Marine Corps Combat Development Command.

On 1 October 2005, MCAF Quantico was reorganized underneath the Commanding General, Marine Corps Installations East, headquartered at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

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