Marines In The Line Of Fire

marine corps recruit depotThe war-inspired movie Platoon (way back 1986) had been considered to be one of the best war movies created. It was considered to be the masterpiece of Oliver Stone (the director of the movie). Charlie Sheen, Willem Dafoe and Tom Berenger were the famous casts of this classic film. The movie was the precursor of Oliver Stones War themed movie trilogy (Born on the Fourth of July, in 189 and followed by Heaven and Earth in 1993). As a marine in combat himself way back the Vietnam War, he took this experience as an inspiration of his creations. The film was garnered the best picture recognition at the Academy Award (circa 1986). The British television ranked Platoon as the sixth greatest war movie ever made (following Full Metal Jacket and in front of A Bridge Too Far.

Platoon’s Plot: a Marine’s Experience

The story was inspired by the Vietnam War. Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen) left his college education to be deployed in Vietnam. After being deployed in a boarder in Cambodia; the ordeal of his responsibility, the draining work and the meager way of life in Vietnam had affected his interest in war decreased setting his admiration to not-so amicable veteran war officers. His adventures and misadventures with his fellow marines were clearly depicted in the movie. Being a marine, especially positioned in a war zone, is a bitter-sweet experience. A marine in combat may experience strong and special bond and camaraderie amongst fellow infantrymen. A marine should be trained to handle external and internal conflicts and always be confident in following orders and constantly sound in making decisions. Following these rationales, marines or aspiring infantrymen should undergo special and rigorous training preparing them for the worst possible scenario they may encounter in and out of the war zone.

Marines and Their Significance

Marines or Marine Corps are infantry armed forces that are elements of navy (historically speaking). In other countries, the marines have independent chain of authority. The word ‘marine’ was derived from the French word ‘marin(e)’ which literally means ‘of the sea’. This French term, however came from the Latin word ‘marinus’ which means ‘maritime’ (etymologically speaking). Nowadays, the basic role of marine troops is army operations in the littoral (referring to sea) area, working from vessels they are well versed to secure and land on critical areas (within 50 miles radius). These army units could be positioned from war vessels using amphibious vehicles, hovercraft, landing crafts or through air via helicopters. Marines could also function in port safekeeping and boarding maneuvers. Besides combat or military purposes, marines are the usual units deployed for special task in times of natural calamities, sending relief goods to victims and doing rescue operations.

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