Navy SEALs Ordered To Remove ‘don’t

Marine Corps Boot CampThe Navy Jack will be the ‘don’t tread on meâ€? banner, one that has earned an adored place in America’s naval history and also a beloved place in sailor’s hearts, via its use for over two hundreds of years. This symbol of America’s naval ferocity has spanned our country’s entire existence, flying from the masts of the Continental Navy during the battle of independence, to today’s War on Terror. In fact, a good amendment to the Navy code known as SECNAV Instruction 10520. 6 obviously states that as of 31 May 2002 all ships are in order to fly the flag throughout the period of the War on Terror.

So why would ranking SEAL commanders ban the historical symbol, Is the proverbial top bass banning the flag, Is President Obama,

Clearly the administration and sycophant “top brass” officers have degraded America’s military prestige; from hand-tying guidelines of engagement, to uniform rules that make our military allegedly a lot more compatible with foreign forces, to the banning of an awe-inspiring flag that remnants its roots to the first Oughout. S. Navy. We have a civilian-led military, but why should our position commanders be complicit in the administration’s war on it, Why don’t they will stand up to Obama and his leftist cronies,

During my two deployments to Iraq, “Don’t Tread on Me” was a phrase seen upon nearly every uniform and platoon area â€? including mine. From areas to flags to large works of art on concrete barriers, our commanders themselves wore the insignia on the sleeves â€? until now.

Perhaps that is why so many of my former teammates felt compelled to send me the e-mail below. They may not be able to reveal the administration’s travesty, but I could. The email, dated October 22, reads:


WARCOM plus GROUP TWO/ONE have pushed away the uniform policy for NWU III and any patches used on the sleeve.

All personnel are just authorized to wear the matching “AOR” American Flag patch on the correct shoulder. You are no longer authorized to put on the “Don’t Tread On Me” patch.

Again the only real patch authorized for wear will be the American flag on the right make. Please pass the word to all


Senior Enlisted Advisor

[Name Redacted]

After reading the email, I first pondered, ‘why,’ (Actually, first I going to the gym to take out my frustration plus anger on some unsuspecting weight load with the fury and intensity just a former Navy SEAL can apply. ) Why would our market leaders sell out our heritage, Why would certainly they rob present and upcoming sailors of our battle cry,

When a friend of mine asked their leadership the same question, he has been told, “The Jack is too closely associated with radical groups.” We must imagine this thought policeman embedded within the SEAL community is speaking of the particular Tea Party, whose flag (which also dates from the American Revolution) depicts a snake with the exact same defiant slogan as The Navy Jack.

This begs yet another issue: Who defines “radical group”, The final time I checked, all army personnel are under oath in order to “support and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” The Tea Party represents constitutional rights and founding concepts of civil liberties and restricted government. Radical, Not unless you’re a leftist hell-bent on wiping out the foundations of our country. Or as the President has stated since the objective of his presidency, “to fundamentally transform” America.

My friends asked me personally what they should do about this order. I actually answer them by saying, “You took an oath to defend this country from enemies foreign and domestic. Will you put your career before country, Will you put your career before your sacred oath,” I cannot tell anyone how to react. I can tell you though that an enemy â€? foreign or domestic â€? that will tries to take the Navy Jack through my uniform could only achieve this by ripping the patriotic plot from the uniform of my chilly, dead body.

We all have got choices to make. The Obama management and the yes-men top brass are determined to wage war on our Navy’s heritage. Will the SEALs decide to defend that heritage and escape them, with all the impertinence the flag’s slogan implies, Or will {they|these peo

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