Philippine Navy, Philippine Air Force And Philippine Army Ranks And Insignias

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Phil. Navy General Officers
Phil. Navy Officers
Phil. Navy Enlisted Personnel
The Philippine Air Force
Phil. Air Force General Officers
PAF Officers
PAF Enlisted Personnel
The Philippine Army
Phil. Army General Officers
Phil. Army Officers
Phil. Army Enlisted Personnel
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sendingrolando indick 4 months ago

Go navy blue go

ronald 12 months ago


CHENG 21 a few months ago

Snappy salute to all the particular arm forces of the philippines.

Big help to all the CRIMINOLOGY students

Jun 2 years ago

I want to be navy blue reserve.

dafac 2 years back

because its not belong within military, it falls under civilian something. i cant remember the precise word

keona 2 years ago

My boyfriend is in the Philippine Army, I salute you all Guys!

wiz khlifa 3 years ago


asiic three years ago


sha three years ago

Different names one objective, defend the nation… Go AFP players. Im proud to become one

gooo!!! 3 years ago

sa lahat ng gusto ipagtangol ang ating bayan.. GO!!! GO!!! Go!!! joined AFP,

eugene 4 years ago

you should include ranks of phil ocean corps to complete the navy position types

MSg Viloria PA four years ago

Ung ranko ng CMS sa Army ay kulang ng dalawang (2) guhit social fear baba, at sa kanko ng SMS ay kulang ng isang (1) guhit sa baba.

Katrina Canja 5 years ago from Philippines

This is a great hub! and it will get me really inspired since i feel a reservist on Airforce: -) thanks!

i slute all afp officers

r- dicipulo 5 in years past

marami ako sinayang n panahon until n nangangarap p rin ako maging army proud kc ako pag army

JOEL_JAY five years ago


, “””””

novey 5 years ago

i am novey to attend the Chemical. A. T i also remember the word unity.,,.

jefry jay five years ago

i am proud to become an army!.

rad gaa 5 yrs ago

i glad that i perish for my country

AM GALLARTE 5 years ago

As a good airforce, i am proud to trend our name., SPOW is the wing. UWA! UWA!

lemuel the writer albarida 5 years ago

i actually almost pass the xsam with regard to philippine navy this year… but unfortunately.. i failed for the SWE.. i had been hoping to pass next tym

nadj 5 years ago

anywhere! ~

but navy!! ~peace…

less complicated the better!! ~


duff 5 in years past


japs 77 5 years ago

all branch of services are exact same, but a good soldiers never disappear…

Miranda 5 years ago

thanks for the info.. my boyfriend will be from PAF and he’s the Captain.

someday 5 in years past

i like NAVY. and i wish to be a navy someday. t

BHEA 5 years ago


Rey129 5 years ago

Remember mga kapatid hindi pwede na isa lang ang branch of service social fear Armed forces laging may Army, Airforce

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