Tattoo Limits Hit Marines Like Forearm

Marine Corps RanksFive tattooed skulls extend from Marine Cpl. Jeremy Slaton’s right elbow to his arm, spelling out the word “Death.” He planned to add a tattoo transliteration “Life” on his left arm, but that’s on hold because of a Marine plan taking effect Sunday.

Dozens associated with Marines from Camp Pendleton, the particular West Coast’s biggest Marine bottom, made last- minute trips in order to tattoo parlors in nearby Oceanside before the ban kicked in.

“This is something I love to do,” said Cpl. David Nadrchal, 20, of Pomona, who made a scheduled appointment to get an Iraqi flag great deployment dates etched onto their lower leg. “The fact I can’t put something on my body that I want – it’s a big thing to tell me I can’t do that.”

Nadrchal stated he is unsure whether he will re-enlist: “There’s all these little things. They are slowly chipping away at us.”

The ban is directed primarily at “sleeve” tattoos, the best and often elaborate designs on the muscle and forearms of many Marines.

Similar designs on the lower legs will be taboo as well. So will very large body art on the upper arm, if they are obvious when a Marine wears his exercise T-shirt. Small, individual tattoos it’s still allowed on the arms and legs. (The Marines already ban them on the fingers. )

Marines already tattooed are usually exempt from the ban but are not able to add to their designs; anyone trapped with fresh ink in the inappropriate places could be barred from re-enlistment or face disciplinary action.

Getting a prohibited tattoo could amount to a violation of a lawful buy, punishable by up to two years within prison and a dishonorable discharge, Marine spokesman 1st Lt. Brian Donnelly said.

Unit commanders must picture and document sleeve tattoos to make sure Marines do not add to their printer ink.

The Army actually relaxed their tattoo restrictions last year. Soldiers is now able to get ink on the backs of the hands and the lower back of the {neck|throat|neck of the gu

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