The White Donkey By Terminal Lance’s Maximilian..

tattoos in the marinesNick about a task that should be important to all the Jarheads. This is from his Kickstarter web page. Terminal Lance: The White Donkey (a graphic novel)

The Project

Terminal Lance: The White Donkey is a story that I’ve been composing for the last three years. It is an imaginary story of a Marine, Abe, great existential journey through the Marine Corps, Iraq, and his return home. Within the story, Abe enlists in the United States Marine Corps in the expectations of finding that missing something in the life that he can’t explain.

This is a story about a Marine, composed and illustrated by a Marine.

Upon enlisting, Abe finds it’s far not quite what he expected, plus gets more than he bargained with regard to when his journey takes your pet to the middle east in war-torn Iraq.
The White Donkey explores the experience of being a Marine, and also the challenges that veterans face on their return home. Battling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression is an extremely real story that many veterans cope with, but never really gets told. The White Donkey seeks to demonstrate the surreal journey of these topics in the form of a graphic novel; influenced heavily by my own experiences within Iraq and otherwise.

I’ve been composing the story for the last three years. Fans from the Terminal Lance webcomic will identify Abe and Garcia, the main characters of the strip. However, these types of characters at the heart of this story had been created because of The White Donkey, and not vice versa. I launched the characters into the webcomic since I knew I wanted to make this guide. In many ways, The White Donkey is the ultimate realization associated with theTerminal Lance name. It informs the story of the Marine Corps with the eyes of a Marine.
This publication isn’t just a graphic novel, this is a visual experience that tells a tale. The White Donkey is an eyesight that has been a long time in the making, and am want nothing more than to make it!

What the particular Money is For

The cash being raised here will allow myself to create the pages of the publication! This is a very personal project and am would like to be the only artist focusing on it. As such, it’s going to take myself about 6 months to illustrate the particular pages of this book, working full-time 8-12 hours a day.
I can reasonably work on and finish 1-2 web pages per day while still maintaining the particular integrity and quality of the vision. The book is composed, but the pages need to be drawn. I am going to devote my full attention to this particular project.
The money will also include the cost of printing a limited version version of the book, as well as spend on all of these awesome Kickstarter rewards and several miscellaneous Kickstarter fees.

I will look for a publisher for my publication once the images and story get together. My goal is to self-publish an unique Kickstarter limited edition version, and afterwards a national printing should the chance arise.

I invite all of you in order to donate to the project. (Like I did so. $10 bucks baby. Oorah! ) There is still a few days left within the campaign. If not that compared to please upvote here and share in your facebook pages.

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