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benefits of becoming a marineThe Navy and Marine Corps function on an analogous precept for the way flight careers work, however name it various things.

Quick and easy: In each providers, you alternate excursions the place you are flying with an operational squadron and excursions the place you do not and as a substitute get publicity to the bigger Navy/Marine Corps and the way the army works as an entire. These excursions fluctuate based mostly on service, platform, and what you wish to do.

Long and Complicated:
After flight faculty for each providers, new pilots head to their first squadron for his or her first tour, which usually lasts 2-Four years, relying on platform, timing, and different components. The Navy calls this your “DivO” (division officer) or JO (junior officer) tour.
During your first tour, you work on getting completely different and constructing flight expertise, in addition to main a gaggle of Sailors or Marines as a part of your “ground job” that you simply do when not flying. What your floor job is can fluctuate from being answerable for upkeep to scheduling to authorized stuff.

After your first tour, you do what’s known as a “shore tour” within the Navy (however could possibly be on a ship) and a “B-billet” within the Marines. Some of those are the identical for each providers and a few aren’t. For instance, each Navy and Marine Aviators can function instructors in flight faculty or go to check pilot faculty. There are graduate faculty alternatives in each providers as properly.
Other shore excursions (extra Navy particular) could possibly be being on a employees (on shore), working at USNA as an organization officer or trainer, or ROTC teacher.
Marine particular B-billets can be issues like a FAC (ahead air controller…mainly, an aviator is embedded with an infantry unit and advises them on air issues and helps them with air assist), MCRD sequence commander, Officer Selection Officer, a Battalion Air Officer, or additionally instructing at USNA/ROTC.

Following that, Navy sorts do a “disassociated sea tour.” This is working as ship’s firm or employees on a service, akin to being a “shooter” (the man who launches airplanes). You may do a second JO tour right here, flying with a squadron once more.
Following that’s your Department Head tour. You return to a squadron and lead a division, which is a a lot bigger phase of the squadron than a division. At this level, you are most definitely a LCDR.

On the Marine aspect, after your B-billet, you return to a squadron, then do one other B-billet or PME (skilled army schooling), then again to a squadron, and “repeat until Colonel.” Your first B-billet you’ve gotten extra leeway to do what you need, however the Marine Corps needs well-rounded officers and so whilst an aviator you’ll seemingly spend time doing issues aside from flying.

For each providers, there are specific routes for if you wish to get command and keep in for some time that finest improves your probabilities of development as a result of it hits all the wickets that the Navy/USMC needs. If you stray from the trail, it may be okay, however stray too far and too usually and also you in all probability will not get as far career-wise.

My pitch:
Though there’s quite a lot of similarities between Marine and Navy Air and quite a lot of possibilities to work with the opposite (Marines on carriers, and so forth), they’re completely different providers. Marine Aviators are Marines and Marine Officers first. This means six months at The Basic School, a special tradition, completely different platforms, completely different requirements in flight faculty, and completely different missions.
Though, say, F/A-18s could do related issues in each the Navy and Marine Corps, the rotor wing missions between the 2 providers are very completely different (Anti-submarine warfare and logistics assist vs.

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